Anything Could Happen Opening

Anything Could Happen opened last weekend at Seth Carmichael Contemporary Arts in West Hollywood.  The show, which featured the work of emerging skateboard artist Mike Kershnar (Baker, Toy Machine, Element) brought out a lot of LA’s skaters, artsters, and lovely ladies. Kershnar displayed his Good Medicine series, and the original pen and inks of all ten North American animals featured on the four boards. In addition, the show featured hand-painted decks and other large original paintings including a life-size blue heron, and a rock poster he did for Morrissey. Celebrity skate guests included the elusive Heath Kirchart, legends Pat Ngoho and Dan Rogers, and Mr. Glendale Harley himself, Big Huey. It was a great evening full of art, eye candy, and free drinks for all. Props to Seth and Elisa Carmichael for validating skateboard art, and bringing it to the masses.