Arcade Belts (Lake Tahoe, California) has united with Tom Asta and Santa Cruz for a collaboration that joins all three together into a premium lightweight, heavy duty, and stretchy belt built for everyday use. Asta signed with Arcade in 2016 and wanted this belt to speak to his roots in Philly while mixing with the vibes of Santa Cruz.

"This mash up between Arcade and Santa Cruz represents my first board graphic riding for Santa Cruz,” says Tom. “The colors work perfectly on the belt and really catch your eye. I'm glad these brands could come together and give me the most comfortable belt out, with one of my favorite graphics ever."

Switch Front Board | Photo: Palozzolo (Courtesy of Arcade)

For Arcade, this collaboration is one that has been wanting to take shape for years. When Tom joined the roster it just all came together and it finally made sense to bring this belt to life. Chad Foreman, Arcade’s VP of Operations said, “I’ve always admired Santa Cruz as a brand and have been a fan of Tom Asta since the day we met. There’s nothing better than a collab between a legendary brand and a solid human and I’m excited to see where this takes us.”

The Arcade x Tom Asta x Santa Cruz collab belt will be available September 1, 2017 in retailers and online at