Archived Stories

Contest Information: What you need to know Contest Results for Globe World Cup, Tampa Am; WCS schedule of events

Scholarships for Skateboarders: The first-ever scholarship fund aimed at skateboarders has been created. The Patrick Kerr Scholarship Fund will grant four scholarships-one 5,000-dollar and three 1,000-dollar awards.

Skateboard Swapmeet: Old-school skaters get together to reminisce.

Eat And Roll: Wahoo’s and Active Ride Shop come together to make edible skateboards…. just kidding, skateshop/fast food come together in one place, who would have thought.

Markovich sets long distance ollie: Kris Markovich set the distance for the Guinness Book Of World Records’ official longest flatground ollie

Inner City Games: The Inner City Games were created by Arnold Schwarzenegger, with his partner Danny Hernandez, as part of his kid-centric after-school activity program.

Philly Doctors Study Skateboarding: A Philadelphia study of skateboard-related head injuries raises questions.

ASR In Huntington Beach: Back-to-school show productive for all involved.

Skatepark Hexed: Berkeley, CA skatepark closed due to toxic water.

This Is Skateboarding: The much-anticipated Emerica video premieres.

The Evolution Of Griptape: Taking a look at skateboarding’s overlooked accessory

Tampa Pro 2003Despite low attendence, contest goes off without a hitch.

The Grammys Of SkateboardingHundreds of skateboarding’s most recognizable faces showed up.

Prenatural PonderingsSkateboarding loses to softball.

Yeah RightGirl skateboards unveiled another video masterpiece.