The quiet gem of the European skate scene, Stuttgart has been holding it down under the radar for generations. From the swarming of Chad Muska and Jamie Thomas in our travel-documentary, Videoradio to the recent exploits of Mike Carroll and the Wayward Wheels team blazing through the city streets and beyond, Stuttgart has made it abundantly clear that it is a locale not to be taken lightly. As such, this community only continues to thrive under the watchful eye of Arrow & Beast Skate Shop.

After seven years in the prior location, shop owners Oli Merkelbach, Jascha Muller & Matt Irving are taking the next step in growing Arrow & Beast with a larger retail space, featuring one of Europe's most comprehensive skate media archives. In an effort to point skaters of all ages to the classics that have shaped our culture, the print and video archive has quickly grown from that of a few personal collections to a fully-functioning resource center for the community at-large, expanding daily.

Echoing the sentiment of preserving the past, Arrow & Beast chooses to support the future of skate culture by stocking brands that share their vision and commitment to skateboarding's best direction. The new 125 square meter (1,350 sqft) storefront is located on the busy Tübinger Strasse in the heart of town, minutes from the Pauline Ledges and a two-stop ride to the new indoor skatepark called Stuttpark.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the archive should contact Arrow & Beast directly (click here to do that). They will work to coordinate shipping with you as proudly exhibit your prized possessions that are helping preserve skate history.

Arrow & Beast

Tübinger Str .12-16
70178 Stuttgart

Monday to Saturday
11:00 am to 7:00 pm