A.Skate Autism Go Skateboarding Day Campaign

With Go Skateboarding Day (GSD) coming up, the average skateboarder will probably take to the streets, either as they usually do or in celebration of the day (why not all those other days?). Whatever your thoughts on GSD, it has it’s benefits, especially in the case of A.Skate, a skate-based non-profit. For many of the same reasons we started rolling, skateboarding is conducive to children with autism, because it allows them to ride solo, which can draw them in, but learn to share their experiences with a group that understands their passion (one of the things people with autism suffer with is communicating with others).

So, on GSD, A.Skate is calling for skateboarders everywhere who know a child who has autism, to take that child skateboarding and get them involved. In the mean time, learn more information on autism and the foundation’s goals at A.Skate Foundation.