Assault Your Senses, Mt. Weather Round 2

The Global Assault Webcast is Feb. 10th
(Feb. 11th in Melbourne)

Webcast times:
US (Pacific) 2:00pm — 11:00pm, Feb. 10th
Brazil (Rio) 8:00pm — 4:00am, Feb. 10th
Europe (GMT) 10:00pm — 6:00am, Feb. 10th
Australia (Melbourne) 9:00am — 6:00pm, Feb. 11th

After 5 years of staging the world’s largest skate event in conjunction with World Cup Skateboarding, GLOBE has decided it’s TIME FOR CHANGE and will now be hosting this stand-alone event on February 11th in Melbourne Australia…. The GLOBAL ASSAULT.

The contest location will remain the same, the Rod Laver Arena, and the evolution of the event has attracted a deepest talent pool of skaters. The skaters will be treated to the most interesting, legit, open format skate contest ever held–with a focus on the skateboarding, not the points, not the time, not the cash…WAIT! The USD $100,000.00 cash purse gets plenty of focus.

Tune into or follow the link from

Mark Appleyard
Geoff Rowley
Brandon Biebel
Chris Cole
Eric Koston
Jamie Thomas
Sandro Dias
Brian Anderson
Chad Bartie
Chima Ferguson
Chris Senn
Colt Cannon
Cory Shepherd
Darrel Stanton
Danny Hamard
David Gonzales
Adam Dyet
Greg Lutzka
Jake Duncombe
Jereme Rogers
Kyle Berard
Matt Mumford
Nyjah Huston
Omar Salazar
Paul Machnau
Rick McCrank
Ronnie Creager
Ryan Sheckler
Shane Cross
Stefan Janoski
Tosh Townend
Wieger Van Wageningen
Pierre Luc Gagnon
Jake Brown
Rob Lorifice
Renton Millar
Jocke Olsson
Dylan Reider
Terrell Robinson
Angel Ramirez
Tony Cervantes
Silas Baxter Neal
Brian Brown
Kurt Winter
Nick Mitchell
Russel Grundy
Tommy Fynn
Chris Wood
Shane O’Neil
Nick Lister
Ben Gauci
Elissa Steamer
Vanessa Torres
Lynz Hawkins
Lauren Perkins
Patiane Frietas
Violet Kimble
Monica Shaw
Lacy Baker
Amy Caron
Evelien Bouilliart
Marissa DelSanto
Elizabeth Nitu
Sophie Poppe
Ross McGouran
Kilian Heuberger
Philipp Schuster
Severin Von Ow


For the second year in a row, NYC’s tight-knit skateboarding community has banded together to open a private indoor training facility in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood.  The aptly named Mount Weather will be fully operational from January through the end of March, and its purpose is simple; to provide a dry, heated indoor spot for NYC street skaters to ride out Old Man Winter’s frigid wrath. 

Mount Weather is easily accessible from Manhattan via the L-train and features a streamlined street course similar to last winter’s set up.  This year, however, everything is housed within the future home of KCDC’s new retail space that’s slated to open in mid-April.  The much needed TF is made possible with generous support from KCDC Skateshop, Red Bull, 5boro Skateboards, Emerica, Volcom and Autumn Skateshop. 

Like last year, Mount Weather will be run as a co-op where, in addition to the aforementioned sponsors, a select group of individual key holders will contribute money to cover rent, ramp materials and other related expenses.  In return, key holders will enjoy round-the-clock access to Mount Weather.  Therefore, to gain access to this coveted skate spot you either need your own key or a friend with a key.  That’s it; that’s the only way in, so start working the angles and pulling favors now before it’s too late.