Atlanta Best Foot Forward

Atlanta has always been an epicenter of heavy duty dudes ripping and shredding so it was no surprise to see this year’s BFF comp take it to new heights. In the preliminaries, there were so many rippers killing the tranny, the flat ledges and the stair set, that the judges had to make a huge exception and call out seven dudes to rock it in the finals.

Last years champ, Joey Pellegrino, killed it hard with easy-does-it 270 lipslides down the handrail. As did the mini-master, Nico Howard. Soloman Mosley had a consistancy that was mind boggling! He had all kinds of flip to board tricks and switch madness down the handrail. Even a blind man could see why Solomon was a sure fire pick to make the top 3.

Rocking into second place with swiftness and speed was Chris Coffman. Chris made small work of the stair set and the handrails alike. With so much madness going down, it was a notable success that Chris made himself stand out in the slurry of seven that were flying and popping around him. No stranger to danger, Chris was cool as a cucumber and locked down second place.

Making magic with a host of handrail tricks and sealing it up with a switch backside hurricane was Fletcher Renegar. Our first place champ today had his work cut out for him, but Fletcher rose to the occasion and made a little magic for himself. We’ll will be sure to see some of that hammer dropping from Fletcher at the BFF Finals now just over a month away.

Hazard skatepark witnessed serious shredding in a way that only Atlanta can bring. A tornado of trickery and a bevy of bodaciousness went down as the BFF competition is killing the nation. Big thanks to all the wood pushers who came out and made this stop one to be remembered.