Australia Update

The Australian government recently allocated 500-million dollars (AUS) to skateboarding, Rollerblading, and BMX. Anyone wishing to discuss the situation should contact Josh Lovell on, or check out the forum at

Renton Millar has taken up a few Aussie sponsors. Billabong clothing and XEN are now being represented by the Rentatron, who is currently in England awaiting the Armageddon contest.

Beyond photographer Andrew Mapstone’s constant international photography and video escapades he somehow includes the coordination of his love child-board company XEN skateboards. This winter (U.S. summer) it released its second-ever video.

New Zealand’s well-rounded and surefooted Nick Lister has made the jump from New Zealand’s division of Alphanumeric to Australia’s Juice clothing.

A selection of ams (and one pro) from the Juice clothing team recently combined forces with Boost Australia to make a DVD. The DVD will feature Chima Ferguson, Nick Lister, Cale Ferguson, and Morgan Campbell’s trip to Los Angeles and on to the Boost Mobile pro in Las Vegas. It will be available with every Boost plan purchased from December first onward through the Aussie summer.

Spire Clothing Owner Seb Saunders just picked up Australian distribution of Blueprint skateboards.

Brothers Chad and Jamie Bartie have been researching and testing various geometric arrangements for the next Defiant truck, which will be available soon through Equal Central distribution.

Momentum skate shop has been fueling the Aussie West Coast scene for a decade now. It’s celebrating with the release of its new video Momentum 4: Sons Of Bitumen.

Western Australian and all-around ripper Brett Margaritis has successfully coordinated the launch of the first Australian skateboard bearing company, Modus. The bearings will be available in ceramic and titanium, and ABEC ratings of three, five and seven. The pro team is Davo, Margaritis, Campbell, and Currie, and the am team is Ben Gauci, Cale Nuske, Chima Ferguson, Spencer Eagles, and Monica Shaw. Send enquiries to

Photographer Steve “Coach” Gourlay is the new Globe team manager. He will now have less time in the photography studio and more time on the streets.

Monster Children magazine is about to drop its well-anticipated third issue. The magazine has a coffee-table vibe and a focus on the artistic side of boardsports. It contains photos from Australia’s best skate and surf photographers alongside top international submissions. Send enquiries to

The nonprofit Aussie Web site has changed its URL to This is the most informative site for anyone wishing to gather a perspective on the Aussie scene. It contains park descriptions and directions, interviews, forums, and news. They recently received free banner advertising in Tony Hawk 4, because the game’s designers found the site so helpful.