Australian International News

After his recent Euro missions, Jake Duncombe has left the Criminal Skateboards stable for World Industries. Although previously this wouldn’t have been relevant, World Industries is technically now an Australian company.

The XEN Skateboards video has been received well, and obviously Owner Andrew Mapstone isn’t prepared to rest, as he is releasing a DVD with the obligatory bonus footy.

After a recent Boost and Juice trip from Venice Beach to Vegas, Cale Nuske, Nick Lister, Chima Ferguson, and Morgan Campbell are about to appear in DVD form. The DVD is edited by Campbell, who was sidelined and confined behind the lens for the duration of the trip.

While on the subject of Cale Nuske, you might want to know that he no longer rides for Link Footwear-he is now back on éS. It is possible that no Aussie skater has ever caused this much hype in the U.S. industry.

A weird chain of events saw two Adelaide heads come together on a recent Cliché graphic. Adelaide skater/artist/videographer Paul Brabanec recently completed a series for the Cliché crew- one board is for Cale Nuske, also from Adelaide. The Braba-Nuske model has been released in conjunction with Nuske’s Vegemite model to celebrate his entrance into the pro world. Go, son, keep ’em quakin’ in their boots.

It should be noted that Brisbane skater and creator Martin Baptist is also being commissioned to piece together a board series for Cliché. Good to see Al Boglio is looking after the boys.

Issue three of Liquid Pixel is due out mid January. The video will now primarily be available on DVD, and this issue promises everything from an Andrew Currie spotlight to an LP round the world segment (

Globe’s World Cup will be back in February, and at this stage it looks like it’s going to be an invite-only street-style event.

The Caloundries Bowl Masters promises a big turnout this year with the likes of Tony Trujillo, Dan Drehobl, Alan Petersen, and Chet Childress. Photographer Steve Gourlay has been ruling as of late, actually he always rules. Anyway, after having his first solo exhibition this past September, he has also launched his Web site. Very slick indeed, check it: