Austria’s Roman Hackl Wins European Open

The third-annual Etnies European Open street contest took place June 1 – 4 at Munich, Germany’s Olympic Ice Hall. Austrian Roman Hackl took first place with a powerful style that took full advantage of the large and varied course and the smooth concrete surface.

After qualifying first with a near perfect run in the semi finals, Frenchman Bastien Salabanzi finished second. Germany’s Tobias Albert was favored to win, but a broken wrist kept him out of the contest.

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Etnies European Open, Munich, Germany 1 – 4 June 2000

1. Roman Hackl, Austria (Emerica, World Industries)
2. Bastier Salabanzi, France (Flip, Vans)
3. Stephan Lehnert, Germany (Element, DC)
4. Floretin Marfaing, Germany (PCB, Vans)
5. Jeremy Reinhard, Germany (Equal, Adidas)
6. Sebastian Hepp, Switzerland (éS)
7. Rolland Oppenheimer, Germany (Emerica, ASAP)
8. Guy Kampfen, Switzerland (Emerica, Darkstar)
9. Patrick Zingerle, Austria (Girl, DVS)
10. Rudi Kirchmayr, Austria (Element, DC)