Baguette Board Uncovered In France

On display at etnies’ 25 Year Public Domaine exhibition right now in Paris, France is a recently uncovered relic now known as the Baguette Board. It was found in a Parisian junk shop made of old bread board parts and rolling pins with the words Sade Coy 1910 etched into it. Was the first skateboard created in Paris in 1910, nearly 40 years before people begin skateboarding in California? The world may never know, but in the meantime Sade Coy has become an inspirational muse for artist and show curator Yogi Proctor. More info below the photos.



•    The Baguette Board comes from Yogi Proctor's collection.  The story behind this piece begin around eight years ago when Yogi found it in a junk shop in Paris – at the time he thought it was nothing more than a unique skateboarding keepsake.  It is made of things found in a French bakery: a baguette board with rolling pins attached as wheels. The name Sade Coy 1910 is also carved into the deck – Is this the mark of board's creator?

•    Yogi found a lab that could date the wood and found that it is from somewhere between 1910 and 1920.

•    It was created during an era when Paris was in its heyday.  It was modern; it was radical in its contributions to the world with the development of the boulevard and the building of the Eiffel Tower – a perfect era for skateboarding to emerge.

•    The ramifications of this finding are clear: It could now reasonably be believed that skateboarding had in fact originated in Paris in the early 1900's.

•    It appears that The Baguette Board could be the missing link in skateboard history.