Baker + Deathwish 2008 Summer Tour

The tours are still coming in hot this summer. If you want to see Bryan Herman, Andrew Reynolds, Spanky, Braydon Szafranski and the rest of the Baker and Deathwish teams, you better live in the following cities or you best have some gas money.

July 14 Cowtown, Phoenix, Arizona
July 16 Beach Zone, Albuquerque, New Mexico
July 18 Arockalypse, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
July 19 The Board Shop, Tulsa, Oklahoma
July 21 Escapist, Kansas City, Missouri
July 22 Classic Boards, Springfield, Missouri
July 23 Infinity, St. Louis, Missouri
July 25 Uprise, Chicago, Illinois
July 27 Subsect, Des Moines, Iowa
July 28 Precision, Lincoln, Nebraska
July 30 Milosport, Salt Lake City, Utah