Beast of The East FDR Results

The Beast of The East was psyched and ready to jam at FDR Skatepark on Aug. 11th but Mother Nature decided to play jokes. As we started to head out to Philly on the morning on the 11th, it looked like the storm clouds were following us but on rain.

We started setting up and the drizzle started. Not a big deal cause part of FDR is covered by the highway (I-95). Slowly people showed up and told us how hard it was raining south and west of where we were. We took this as a sign that the rain was elsewhere and not here in Philly. I spoke too soon…then came the rain. It rained and stopped, then drizzled some more, and stopped. And then it just down poured. Nonetheless, the locals and the brave contestants that weren’t afraid of the rain ripped the dry parts of FDR apart.

Big notables were little Rahman (10 years old), this kid must of been born at FDR. He skated with fire in his eyes and no fear in his heart! This kid killed FDR! Other notables were Willie Akers and TEX (Nocturnal Skateshsop).

FDR – Beast of The East
Philadelphia, PA
August 11th, 2001


1st Rahman Bauman
2nd James Wagner
3rd Bradley Akers
4th Ahamed Weinberg
5th Mark Schwartz Jr.
6th Joe Schaffstall
7th Stephen Cross


1st Willy Akers
2nd Tex
3rd Harley Miles
4th Zered Basset
5th Rory Palmer
6th Andy Wilcox
7th Joe Gioia
8th Brian Brown
9th Todd Jordan