Ben Raybourne Pro For 1031

This just in from Svitak:

“So we here at 1031 have some exciting news to tell you all out there. I’ve been thinking , how should I write this? How can we sound really professional, like we know what we are doing? Well I dont think I have
the answer. I dont want to tell this news the same way everyone else does. They try to be all buisiness like about it and it just sounds so dumb. So without anymore rambeling from me and in perfect 1031 form……. Ben Raybourn is PRO!!!! Thats right jerks! At just a few months shy of his 17th birthday, Ben will now be able to buy an extra pack of sour patch kids at the store. So there you go. Now all you skate nerds can start the gossip, you just better stay out of Bens way when your in the bowl! He’ll do a lein to tail on your dome!  He has 4 different pro models starting to hit stores now. Oh, and one more thing….. Hell yeah Ben, f—k sh-t up!”