Berry Takes Vancouver Am Title

Vancouver, BC CAN ¿ The 1st annual Vancouver International Amateur Contest went off at the Pacific Coliseum on Monday May 8 with 125 Ams tackling the Slam City Jam street course. When the day was finished everyone who entered or put their names on the waiting list had their shot.

Cazwell Berry just wouldn’t fall as he kept digging deeper into his trick bag and Vans should be proud with their man taking 1st Place at the inaugural Vancouver Amateur Contest. Alex “Trainwreck” Gall attacked and destroyed the rails in the tradition of Zero Skateboards’ team for 2nd place. Rodney Jones from Powell showed what the course was for, mixing fat airs with tech tricks, raging around the course to take 3rd spot. Adam Alfaro from Black Label and Gianni Zattoni from Powell took first place in their qualifying heats to finish 4th and 5th in the finals. Les Ramsay of Eternal Skateboards was the top Canadian in 11th.

This was the first year for a major amateur contest sponsored by Slam City Jam and the goal was just to make it happen. The banners, the vert ramp and the crowds from the Slam City Jam finals the day before were gone, but the skating was incredible. Tricks and lines that had been pursued by the pros, were now being done by lesser-known skaters, for their peers and the pros checking it out.

Slam City Jam provided the venue, the staff and the trophies and Vans kicked-down with a few rewards for the top skaters. To 1st place went a week at Vans High-Cascade Snowboard Camp at Mt. Hood, Oregon; the top 10 are pre-qualified for the Vans Warp Tour, and Slam City Jam has reserved spots for the top 3 in 2001, should they decide to turn pro.

It was a great contest and a chance for more skaters to get on the Slam City Jam street course. Watch for these guys on next years pro list. For the ams, it’s all about the future. See you in 2001!


1 Cazwell Berry , Vans
2 Alex Gall, Zero
3 Rodney Jones, Powell
4 Adam Alfaro, Black Label
5 Gianni Zattoni, Powell
6 Clint Peterson, Consolidated
7 Jake Nunn, Think
8 Judd Hertzler, Foundation
9 Chris Cole, World Industries
10 Tony Dasilva, Foundation

Director: Jay Balmer
Announcers:Alex Chalmers
Richard Sharpe
Tabulator: Marisa Barbetta
Kareem Campbell, Greg Carroll, Jeff Logan, Kevin Kelly, Pat Morin, Byron Brisco (finals)