Beta Magazine

From our friend, talented photog, former TWS intern and Proof Sheet recipient, Cameron Strand:

Beta Magazine strives to challenge the human desire of consumption. Skateboarding, as with the rest of the world, remains a culture for rapid content turnaround. Beta seeks to provide a secondary yet more prominent home to photographs that would otherwise be consumed within milliseconds and reposition the visuals as art. The pursuit to test human patience is seen predominantly through it's experiential packaging made from a virtually indestructible material, plastic, and requires one to allocate time and physical space in order to fully absorb the contents of the magazine.

ISSUE 0 of Beta Magazine features a curated selection of 44 photos. The publication is a collection of various travels in addition to candid and personal looks at 24 notable skateboarders such as Paul Rodriguez, Eric Dressen, Omar Salazar, Yaje Popson, and Dolan Stearns. The magazine is crafted on newsprint paper and housed in an opaque dust bag with a sliding enclosure. Also included with each issue is an original 1 of 50 print and stickers.

Size: 21″L x 15.25″W

Edition of 50. Buy it here