Big Ass Fans At Tampa Am

For those of you that have been to Tampa Am or Tampa Pro, you surely know that the Florida humidity can be hell even in the winter months. However, it looks as though the SPoT guys have out done themselves yet again. Read on.


Amateur skaters from around the country will be a little cooler at this year’s Tampa Am tournament Jan. 18-21 hosted by Skate Park of Tampa. That’s because newcomer sponsor Big Ass Fans now has a big impact on the climate at the renowned skate park.

Big Ass Fans, the industry leading manufacturer of high-volume low-speed fans, recently donated a 24- foot diameter Powerfoil ceiling fan for the park’s indoor course. These behemoth fans work on the principle of moving massive amounts of air at slow speeds. Therefore they are quiet and can lower the effective temperature of a space by 4 to 16 degrees.

As competitors perform tricks, the fan’s constant and comfortable breezes make them feel cooler since it speeds up Mother Nature’s cooling process by evaporating perspiration off the skin. The sheer size of the fan brings quite a visual impact to the park as well, fitting right in with the attitude of extreme sports.

To learn more about the diverse applications of Big Ass Fans and how their energy-efficient design helps save on energy bills, visit or call 877-BIG FANS.