Big Pimpin’ Emerica

Green for the Money and Gold for the Honey!
Introducing The Bishop, Don “Magic Juan, Emerica Collaboration Shoe

Known, revered and celebrated for over 35 years, the Bishop Don “Magic Juan is the TRUE original World Famous Player and spiritual advisor to some of the world’s most influential and elite players in the gameā€¦and now, appropriately, the Emerica team.

Skateboarders are hustlers, finding our game outside, coming up in the streets, often operating beyond the law to make our ends. Still, only an elite few within skateboarding have the stone cold original style necessary to step their game up from everyday hustler to reach the pinnacle of greatness, becoming a TRUE PLAYER like the Bishop. That’s where Emerica comes in. The Bishop Don “Magic Juan Emerica shoe shows respect to the greatest player of all time because game recognizes game.

With this exclusive collaboration with Emerica, The Bishop himself has bestowed his ultimate street knowledge and signature pimpalicious style upon a whole new generation of fellow street hustlers and skaters in order to graciously help them step their game up and join the ranks of his prestigious flock. This one-of-a-kind, authentic, truly pimped-out limited gem of a shoe ain’t for your average, everyday hustler. This shoe is FOR TRUE EMERICA PLAYERS ONLY!

The Bishop’s unmistakable style was dropped onto the Emerica McNally high-top shoe, creating bright green panels mixed with gator skin and gold detailing, gold laces, green star eyelets, a gold “Famous Players star on the tongue, “The Bishop written in gold on the heel, and a screened image of The Bishop and his ladies on the side panel to seal the deal.

Step up your game with the Bishop in true Emerica style. The Bishop will be available April 1, 2007

As the Bishop would say, “Chuuuch!