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Birdhouse News

Birdhouse skateboards wishes Bucky Lasek the best of luck with his future endeavours, as well as a thank you for all the hard work he has put in over the years. Good luck. The Birdhouse team remains very strong, and is hard at work on our upcoming video. We have a couple upcoming demos for you to check the crew out at:
April 30th Starr skates in Tucson, AZ
May 1st Progression skateshop in El Centro, CA
May 7th Active Orange grand opening Orange, CA

Also be on the lookout for the upcoming Adio promo dvd featuring Birdhouse Pro’s Steve Nesser, Brian Sumner and Tony Hawk. As well as checking out Birdhouse Pro Aaron Suski on the upcoming Volcom US tour.

Filmbot Files

Mikendo wants you all to know that his video Filmbot Files is out, and its blowing up like Carmen Electra’s tits.
You can go to to get your own copy.

Art of Recycling Opening Night Exhibit at THE LAB

Date: 4.22.05
Time: 7pm – 11pm
Where: THE LAB 2930 Bristol Street Costa Mesa 92626
Cost: $5 Donation Suggested

Original Artwork from ::

Tricia Byrnes :: Pro Snowboarder
Freddy Medina :: Globe
Mike Aho :: Volcom
Blair Rusin :: Pro Snowboarder
Sam Shipley :: Trovata
Jen O’Brien :: Pro Skater
33 :: Volcom
Ari Evan Gold :: Journalist
Bradie Shemke :: Hurley
Caleb Craw :: The Familie
Nicole Byrne :: Transworld
Steven Lopez :: Defcon5
Hether Gibby :: Sole Technology
Thad Matson :: Hurley
Mike Zepeda :: Volcom
Mark Hoppus :: Blink-182
George Thompson :: RVCA
Shawn Clary :: Hurley
Bob Burnquist :: Pro Skater
John Bagge :: Darkstar Skateboards
Matt Cater :: Hurley
+ More

Sponsored by ::

Fashion Peace ::
The Lab ::
Transworld ::
Flavorpill ::

Complimentary Cocktails with Donation

All proceeds benefit the TRASHed Summer 05 High Rise recycling campaign


Complete collection of Recycling bin artwork can be seen at Coachella 2005
April 30th and May 1st. Visit for more details.