Birdhouse & Hoffman Present The Whoopass Tour

Birdhouse Skateboards and Hoffman Bikes present The Whoopass Tour hitting an east-coast skatepark near you November 27 – December 10, 1999. Check here to see when and if the tour will be rolling into your town.

First Leg Of Tour, November 27 – December 5, 1999

Featuring: Matt Hoffman, Rick Thorne, Mike Escamilla, Tony Hawk, Willy Santos, and Brian Sumner

Nov. 27
Skater Island
Middletown, RI

Providence, RI
101 E. Dexter Rd.

Nov. 28
Toms River Skatepark
Toms River, NJ

Nov. 29
Shimerville Skatepark
Rt. 29 at 5402 Chestnut St.
Emmaus, PA

Nov. 30
Ocean Bowl Skatepark
3rd St. & St. Louis Ave.
Ocean City, MD

Dec. 1
Catoctin Skatepark
141 Catoctin Circle
Leesburg, VA

Dec. 2
Day Off

Dec. 3
Raleigh, NC

Dec. 4
Eastwood Ramp Park
301-F N. Green Meadows Drive off Market St.
Wilmington, NC

Dec. 5
Blazer Skatepark
Greenville, SC

Second Leg Of Tour, December 6 – 10, 1999

Featuring: Matt Hoffman, Rick Thorne, Mike Escamilla, Bucky Lasek, Andrew Reynolds, Ali Cairns, Brian Sumner

Dec. 6
Ramp-N-Roll Skatepark
2069 Watson Blvd.
Warner Robins, GA

Dec. 7
8739 Kona Ave. Jacksonville, FL 32211.

Dec. 8
day off

Dec. 9
Paradise Funplex
555 Fortenberry Rd.
Merrit Island, FL

Dec. 10
Skatepark of Tampa
4215 E. Columbus Dr.
Tampa, FL