Birdhouse’s The Beginning Tour

Birdhouse has been pecking away at their nicely named new video The Beginning for some time now. Read on for all the dirty details and for the premiere tour…

It has been nearly 10 years since the release of “The End” and everyone on the team has been breaking themselves for this latest project. “The Beginning” will feature full-length parts from some of the newest, upcoming talents in skateboarding, as well as long-awaited parts from the veteran Birdhouse pro team. Tony Hawk, Matt Ball, Steve Nesser, Brian Sumner, Jeremy Klein, Willy Santos and Shaun White will be representing the pro team, while Justin Figueroa, Randy Ploesser, David Loy, Derek Burdette, Sean Eaton, Shaun Gregoire, Jean Postec, Riley Hawk, Nathan LaCoste, and Jon Dickson will be representing the am team in this video.Click here to watch the video trailer!!!

Footage for the film has been logged from across the globe; Dubai, Australia, Japan and Peru are just a few of the locations the team has been shredding these past few years. As part of the film journey some of the guys have even spent some time in jail, split open their shins on massive stairs, snapped countless boards and bones, destroyed expensive camera equipment, skated in the middle of a major desert storm and worse…! Stay tuned for more news, video trailers and updates on the upcoming 2007 Birdhouse Tour on

Birdhouse National Video Premiere Tour 2007:
10/19 Utility Boardsupply- Ontario, CA
10/20 Willy’s Workshop- San Diego, CA
10/21 Cowtown- Phoenix, AZ
10/23 The Beach Zone- Albuquerque, NM
10/24 The Mark-It Store- Tulsa, OK
10/25 Escapist- Kansas City, MO
10/27 Infinity Skateshop- St. Louis, MO
10/28 Ollies Skate Park- Florence, KY
10/29 Palace 5ive- Washington, DC
10/31 Pitcrew- Frederick, MD
11/1 Ohio Surf & Skate- Willoughby, OH
11/2 MB/Warp Skate Park- Woodstock, IL
11/3 Familia Skateshop- St. Paul, MN

Check out a list of all regional and international premieres on the Birdhouse Website soon!