Black Label, Red Kross, and Sixgun Update.

Here’s some of the latest with the Label from Black Tom:

Christian Hosoi should be getting out of jail sometime this week. There is a benefit party being held for Hosoi the weekend of the Soul Bowl competition. The goal is to raise money to help with his legal fees. The benefit is at The Tequila Agave (on the corner of Beach and Adams) this Saturday night, August 2nd. Doors open at 8:00 p.m. and a ten dollar donation is required. No exceptions! PBR has donated free beer but the establishment doesn’t seem to be too fond of that idea yet?

The Duane Peters video entitled Who Cares should be released sometime in late August early September. Stabbed, beaten, broken, and bloodied, Duane Peters has definitely paid his dues. He’s invented more tricks than he can remember and done things few will ever forget.

The Label Tours consisting of ten weeks of domestic and international tours are done. Look for The Label Live Tour Video to be released sometime near the future. Label filmer, Grant “Shark Attack Schubert, brought back 45 minutes of edited footage from the three and a half week Euro-Tour.

On a recent trip to Las Vegas, Ragdoll thinks he might have accidentally got married! Could the doll be hitched?

Pat Rakestraw is now pro for Sixgun.

Russ Pope has reportedly done the longest slappy in recorded history!

Black Tom (AKA — Brown Tom) would like to challenge any team managers to a method air contest on vert for money$$. Any Takers?