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Mada re-launched their Web site. Check out for photos, video clips, and of course the nice gear they make. Some of the team will be heading down under to Oz for the Benzo Classic contest where Mada will be giving away a Mercedes Benz. You’ll have a chance to win some Mada clothing later this week right here on If you’ve got a hot sister, you’ve already got a leg up on the competition—pun intended. Stay tuned.

Volcom Team News

Geoff Rowley is in Oz to shoot with Flip for three weeks. Rune Glifberg is also in Oz where he went to the Globe World Cup event and is now shooting and filming with the Flip team. He just sold his house in Costa Mesa and is moving to the San Diego area to be closer to the thriving vert scene. Mark Appleyard has already been in Oz for a week and will be there until the end of February, when he will be going to Brazil with Volcom, March 14th — 26th for our South America Tour.

Geoff, Rune and Mark will of course be meeting up with Dustin Dollin who has been at home in Oz where he has been skating a bunch with all of the visiting pros, working nonstop on his part for the Baker video. Shane Cross who is also at home in Oz just got voted “Skater of the Year by Australia’s major mag Slam. He is currently hanging with the Volcom team in Melbourne where the annual migration of skaters are in town do to the Globe World Cup. Check out some photos of Shane on Award night in the Oz Diaries.

Ryan Sheckler took a quick break from San Clemente High School to fly over to Australia and compete in the Globe World Cup, where he placed 2nd. He is now back in the states after the week long journey and catching up on his homework. Also placing 2nd in the womens event was Lauren Perkins. Congratulations goes out to both Ryan and Lauren.

Alan Peterson was recently ejected form Oz for overstaying his visa. He’s back here in the U.S. after disappearing for almost a year. He brought back a hurt foot which will need some looking after.

Spaniard Javier Sarmiento has been on the road filming for the upcoming eS video while Aaron Suski just returned from a trip to Spain where he was filming with the Birdhouse crew. He probably hasn’t even seen his 20 questions in TransWorld yet. Stateside, Caswell Berry is currently filming for enjoi’s upcoming video project.

Dennis Busenitz cruised down last week to skate and hang out with the crew at Volcom. He’s been flying around the skate facility where he has made a goal to learn 540’s on the vert bowl. Dennis is back hanging at home in SF right now.

Collin Provost has a key to the Volcom park where he has been skating on a regular basis with his homies before attending to his nightly homework. Grant Taylor is chilling at home in Atlanta while fellow east coaster Brandon Westgate is getting ready to head over to Barcelona next month with 5boro. With all of this going on, Angel Ramirez can’t decide what to do, he’s in Denver, San Diego, Long Beach and L.A. seemingly all at once.

Volcom has geared up with Big Apple residents Bobby Puleo, Steve Rodriguez and Pat Smith and other NYC locals to help open “Mount Weather — a privateindoor street spot and training facility in Brooklyn, NY. The new 4,500 square-foot heated Training Facility has been fully operational since the middle of January. Inside is an assortment of ramps and other street obstacles for the skaters to enjoy.