Bling Fest October 11th 1-6PM

Could this be the Skate Event of 2003?

The Bling Fest Pro Skate Contest is going down on October 11th 2003, at the Rancho Cucamonga Epicenter. The Best Trick Contest course will be one of the most amazing street courses ever displayed. Last year Andrew Reynolds rolled away with a dope Rolex watch this year someone will win a trip to Hawaii for 2. Active is rounding up thousands of dollars in giveaways. This years Bling Fest could go down as the Skate Event of 2003!

As of today 10/2/03, this is the line up of Professional Skateboarders expected to appear at the 2003 Bling Fest:

Eric Koston- Girl-Es-Four Star-Active
Tom Penny-Flip-Es-Krew
Jim Greco- Baker-Vans-Krew-Active
Kenny Anderson- Chocolate-Adio-Active-Elwood
Paul Rodriguez- Girl-Fourstar-Es
Justin Eldridge- ES-Chocolate-Stussy
Kevin “Spanky Long- Baker-Emerica-Ruca
Jon Allie- Zero-Active-Fallen
Leo Romero- Fondation-Emerica
Daewon Song- DVS/ Matix
Steve Berra- DVS
Chico Brenes- DVS
Jeron Wilson- DVS/ Matix
Jereme Rogers — DVS
Mike Carroll- Lakai
Danny Garcia- Lakai/ Matix
Scott Johnston- Lakai
Erik Ellington-Emerica
Trainwreck- Krew-Emerica-Active
Richard Mulder- Stussy-Chocolate
Chad Tim Tim- Stussy
A.V.E. — Stussy
Danny Montoya- Stussy
Evan Hernandez- Krew-Vans-Baker-Active
Ed Templeton- Toy Machine-Ruca-Emerica
Austen Stephens- Toy Machine-Active

Go to and click news for more Bling Fest information.