Blitzkrieg Out Next Month

Blitzkrieg is the new standard in shop videos. Marketed as an independent video project, Blitzkrieg will feature full parts from Sun Diego’s skate team, as well as a 10-15 minute montage section featuring only big name pro’s and ams. Most of the pro and am footage will be donated by our sponsors. Our sponsors thus far include Expedition, Etnies, Es, Emerica, Osiris, Fyasko, Blind, Darkstar, World Industries, Lost, Hurley, Sessions, Spy, and Alphanumeric.

You won’t find a more talented and diverse shop team than Sun Diego’s. We’ve got all the basis covered. Steve Roche (Vans, Sessions) holds it down on vert and in pools. Kashawn Jackson (Lucky, Elenex, Osiris) breaks it off on the street. Steve Saquilon (Blues, Expedition flow) attacks rails like nobody’s business and Jonas Sohn’s technical and stylish skating makes you wonder why you’ve never heard of him. Rounding off the team and ripping equally as hard are: Chip Adams (Blues, Fyasko), Steve Shipler (Fyasko, Frozen), Gabe Ryan (Globe flow), Ray Guathier (Osiris flow, Arcade flow), Matt Kriegel (Etnies flow), Fred Keahler (Grind King, Clive, Vision, Arnette) and last but not least Paul Kobriger, the not quite washed up team manager.

Blitzkrieg will be in shops everywhere mid to late November in both VHS and DVD format. The DVD version will include many extra features such as rider profiles, additional footage, and two seperate soundtrack options. Blitzkrieg will retail for 14.95 VHS and 17.95 DVD. Check out our website for a sneak peak. For more information email