Blockhead Skateboards is back from the grave and back in the garage again.All five of their classic videos have been re-released as double box VHSsets and extended DVD’s with bonus footage. Four of the old favorite boardgraphics have also seen new life again. Ron Cameron, the original Blockheadartist has even inked a new Hard Times 6 graphic to kick-start a new line offuture Blockhead products. Keeping it in the family, the new boards are ofcourse manufactured by former Blockhead pro Jim Gray in his ABC boardwoodshop in Cost Mesa CA. Some of the shapes are the normal pop-sickle butthe others are designed to be totally functional, yet with some influencesfrom the old board shapes. Sam Cunningham, Blockhead’s first pro in 1985,has designed a new shape for the re-release of his classic ‘Good Sam’graphics. Sam is still ripping the pools and parks in the Berkeley CA area.

So far the product is available from ASAP (Germany), AWH, Eastern,Overboard, King Rails, Smoothill and Ocean Ave. with more going out soon.For more information contact Dave Bergthold at or checkout

double VHS or extended DVD, retail price $29.95

1989 Splendid Eye Torture 46:00 Featuring: Frank Atwater, Steve Berra,Sam Cunningham, Jim Gray,Omar Hassan, Rick Howard 1990 Adventures inCheese 20:00 Featuring: Steve Berra, Brian Boyde, Sam Cunningham, OmarHassan, Rick Howard, Laban Pheidias.DVD includes over 10 minutes of bonus footage from the 89/90 trade showvideos including clips from Rick Howard’s ‘sponsor me’ video.

double VHS or extended DVD, retail price $29.95

1991 Recycled Rubbish 47:00 Featuring: Jason Dill, Rick Jaramillo, LabanPheidias, Dan Rogers, Jeremy Wray, Mark Wyndham

1992 Debbie DoesBlockhead 30:00 Featuring: Rick Jaramillo, Jeff King, Paul Luna, LabanPheidias, Mike Sinclair, Jeremy Wray.

DVD includes as a bonus the full length video: 1993 Girl Trouble 17:00Featuring: Rick Jaramillo, Paul Luna, Trevor Prescott, Mike Sinclair, TabiasWalker, Nanda Zipp