Bob Burnquist Makes Skateboarding History

Carlsbad CA, Dec 10th- Legendary skater Bob Burnquist continues to set the bar for the skateboarding world. Making skateboarding history, Burnquist looped his infamous backyard twelve-foot steel full pipe Nov 23rd, 2003 at 4:20pm. Although a handful of opportunists have been able to complete track-style loops-generating speed from a starting ramp-until this point, no one had ever successfully looped a “natural” full pipe.

Having tried and failed the maneuver once before, ending up with a broken foot and sprained ankle after his efforts at the Baldy pipe on Dec 14, 2002, Burnquist was determined to overcome this elusive challenge. Featured on the cover of the April 2003 issue of TransWorld Skateboarding magazine inside the pipe at Mt. Baldy, Burnquist took the front-and-center coverage of his near miss as a personal challenge to make the full-pipe loop a reality. His recent attempt at the pipe was the result of nearly a year of mental preparation. “I couldn’t just be on the cover (of TransWorld Skateboarding magazine) and blow it off. It’s been on my mind and I’ve been getting ready,” Burnquist said.

Although there are nearly a dozen skaters in the world who can currently complete a track-style loop, to date, looping a full pipe has been an unobtainable feat. To navigate his way around a “natural” full pipe a skater must first generate speed by gyrating back and forth within the pipe. As Burnquist sees it, “it’s like doing a loop and a half, really. By the time you decide (to commit) and put your wheels down on the frontside kickturn, it’s over. You’ve got to think so quick.”

“It would have blown my mind if it was someone else other that Bob,” commented fellow professional skater Jason Ellis upon hearing of Burnquist’s legendary loop. “But I know that Bob is the only person capable of something so insane. ”

A born-and-bred Brazilian, Burnquist is known as one of the most progressive skateboarders in the world. With a long list of contest wins including nearly every present-day event, and a style driven by pure innovation and originality, Burnquist is admired by skaters and fans of skateboarding alike.