Bobby Puleo’s Clues About the Rest of the World art show

Bobby Puleo’s’Clues About the Rest of the World’ at Los Angeles’ New Image art gallery

Also in the project room: ‘No Rest for the Wicked’, Angela Boatwright’s collection of random heavy metal photographs and memorabilia assembledover the past 15 years.

Bobby Puleo’s first solo show in Los Angeles will present his seven years of found art collecting in stunning framed collages as well as his personal drawings, photographs and design work.

Companion preview film by Tobin Yelland and Lauren Madow.

Produced by: Killer of GiantsSponsored by: Enjoi skateboardsMedia sponsors: Dazed and Confused and Transworld skateboarding

Saturday July 24, 2004
7:00 p.m. — midnight
Special VIP preview Friday July 23, 2004
8:00 p.m. — 11:00 p.m.

New Image gallery
1005 North Fairfax, West Hollywood, CA
Exhibition extends through August 17, 2004

Curated by Marsea Goldberg with recommendation by Ed Templeton, New Image gallery will be the second host to professional skateboarder, Bobby Puleo’s massive collection of found art, drawings, collages and collections over the past seven years.

Sponsored by Enjoi skateboards and TransWorld Skateboarding, Bobby Puleo and ‘Clues About the Rest of the World’ will thus far be featured in Dazed and Confused’s August issue as well as Transworld Skateboarding’s August issue as a four page ‘Brain Floss’ covering both Bobby’s artistic and skateboarding talents.

Bobby Puleo:

Bobby Puleo is an artist and professional skateboarder who was born in New Jersey and currently resides in Brooklyn. Skateboarding for ten years Bobby began collecting found objects from the streets seven years ago as a natural reaction to his ‘constantly looking down at the street’ while skateboarding. His collections have since evolved into various categories of things, items that naturally repeat themselves in the curbs and gutters of the world. Items such as prayer pamphlets, broken cassette tapes, discarded directions, found photos, found negatives, various product packaging, post it notes and American flags.

His first showing of his collections was at Philadelphia’s Space 1026 gallery and opened to amazing reviews earning Bobby an article in the Sunday New York Times as well as interest from the New York Historical Society. He has since had articles published in Slap magazine, Australia’s Refill, Mass Appeal and ‘Clues About the Rest of the World’ has already been confirmed for articles in Dazed and Confused, Transworld Skateboarding and Art Prostitute.

Bobby’s skateboarding career over the years has been featured prominently in numerous magazines including Big Brother, Thrasher, TransWorld skateboarding and Slap. He was most recently selected as one of Slap magazine’s favorite street skaters and will be appearing in his own compilation DVD showcasing some of his best skate parts to date.

Angela Boatwright:

Originally from Ohio, New York City resident Angela Boatwright has been listening to heavy metal in its entirety for eighteen years and counting. Assembling a loose collection of photographs of Angela, ages twelve to fifteen, newer portraits of various metal bands and other memorabilia, ‘Frost and Fire’ is a very personal assemblage of memories and a tribute to everything that hits her turntable.

Angela has been a freelance photographer for over seven years contributing her talents to publications the likes of: W magazine, Jane, Spin, Vibe, Mass Appeal, Anthem, Tokion, Slap, Transworld skateboarding as well as companies such as Truth, Sony and MTV. She has also shown her personal work as far as Prague and as close as Brooklyn.

Currently going on her second year as Director of Photography/ Special Projects Editor for Brooklyn based publication, Mass Appeal, Angela envisions, produces and hires talent for various features related to the magazine with special focus on the skateboarding industry.

In February of 2004 Angela starteed Killer of Giants. A natural extension from her position at Mass Appeal, Killer of Giants specializes in managing select photographers and artists, out-sourcing creative talent, press and publicity and producing art shows including ‘Clues About the Rest of the World’.

Tobin Yelland:

California native Tobin Yelland is a legendary photographer and filmmaker whose work has appeared in publications including The New York Times, Lodown, Dutch, V magazine, Tokion, Vice, Dazed and Confused and most major skateboarding and BMX magazines.

He has exhibited his photographs in over thirty art shows throughout the world from current Los Angeles and previous New York City gallery, Alleged to The Center for the Contemporary Photography in Melbourne Australia.

His film work has shown at the Edinburgh and London film festivals as well as the Chicago and New York underground film festivals. Yelland has also directed and filmed promos and commercials for MTV, Casio, G Shock, The Cartoon Network and Warner Brothers.

Other related works include advertisements for Wrangler Jeans, Varnet sunglasses, Vans shoes, movie posters for Bully directed by Larry Clark and Love Liza starring Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Tobin Yelland lives and works in New York City.

Lauren Madow:

Lauren Madow is a New York City based filmmaker. She has studied at George Washington University’s Documentary Filmmaking Institute and recently earned her MFA from the City College of New York, where she produced and directed, Playground, an experimental documentary about skateboarders, basketball players and breakdancers in New York. Her most recent project is, Like A Freight Train of Words, a short video piece she was commissioned to direct and edit for the Lower East Side Girls Club.