Bones Team News

New Additions To Team Bones…

Josh Evin
Please welcome Josh to the the Bones Wheel team.
Josh is another one of those crazy Canadians that skates with huge amount of power and creativity. He is happy to be a part of something good and so are we.
“All the Bones gear rocks.” –Josh Evin

Colt Bowden
Colt originally hails from Salt Lake City and is now living in the Los Angeles area where he is enjoying his new found commitment to skateboarding. Keep your eye out for this kid. Style and talent..!!!

Other News
Go to and find out more about Rodney Jones’s bet with Chad Bartie.? Pierre Luc’s 900’s? Chris Senn’s 2nd Place at Pomona.! Chad Bartie and Graham Bickerstaff’s new board sponsor? Fabian Gosin getting put behind bars for skateboarding? Angel Ramirez’s promotion..!!!

Loud, Proud and Tony Froud. If you have skated with him, then you know why Tony is getting this month’s VIP skater of the month.

SPFChris Senn and Rodney Jones have both found the light and are changing their Pro wheels over to “SPF” formula as soon as possible.

2003 was a very very good year for the Notorious P.L.G. Keep an eye out for the NEW Pierre Luc Pro wheel coming out soon. If you guessed “SPF” Formula… you were right. The SPF list of riders just keeps getting longer..!!!