Brian Floss, Matt Dove

TransWorld SKATEboarding

Volume 21 Number 8

file: Brain Floss–Matt Dove

Brain Floss

Matt Dove

Matt Dove is within. He's one who displays action of his own without checking out who's looking. For instance, the other day a Suburban was bumping the streets of Costa Mesa, California. The driver sat alone with the windows rolled down–his neck moving every which way, scanning for onlookers. Strange is this phenomenon. Seemingly dodging bullets while an arsenal of his own insecurities lashed out upon everyone like a grenade exploding.

I love Matt because he has nothing to do with this sort. Dove is more of a chameleon–able to stealthily penetrate pretentious scenes without a trace. He and his mindful appreciation for all inhabitants of Earth walk a path of respect. His skateboarding abilities are unique in that his bag stock is individual.

When walking trails away from man, Matt's been known to accumulate specimens in the reptilian species. Somewhere along the line, Matt took on a passion for reptiles, fish, and such. Perhaps, growing up in downtown Baltimore, a rough and tough sailor city, had him seeking refuge along the shoreline for peace of mind–alongside riverbanks among the tall reeds avoiding contact with the ever so abrasive man. He did work at a zoo for a while tending to living matters.

My first encounter with Matt was in the cold city of Baltimore winters ago. I found myself staring into tub after tub filled with various scaled specimens in their primal stages of life. Heat lamps, timers, nets, thermometers, bags of food, different plants, aquariums–each tub contained hundreds of one species, and they were to be bred and dispersed to other lovers of the scale. This is when I first realized something here was different. This person isn't caught up in what your average young gentleman is–he's accelerated in a specific field and his passion showed a peaceful self. This makes for a peaceful traveler. A self-sufficient individual will always stand free, and Dove's expressions through art depict a deeper appreciation for his environment. Thank you.–Remy Stratton