Brian Wenning on Plan B

Brian Wenning is on Plan B.

Plan B Skateboards is proud to announce that Professional Skateboarder Brian Wenning and Plan B Skateboards have joined forces. Hailing from New Jersey and residing on the east coast, Brian brings his trademark style of street skateboarding to one of the most diverse teams in skateboarding.

“Habitat took me from obscurity on the east coast to being known worldwide.  I will always have love for them, said Wenning. “Plan B is and will always continue to be more than just a skateboard company. It is a movement, bottom line.

“Brian Wenning is your favorite skater’s favorite skater, said Colin McKay, Plan B team rider, co-owner. “We’re lucky to have him on!

“Wenning is a true innovator with the sickest style, said Danny Way, Plan B team rider, co-owner. “Also, he’s one of the coolest, funniest dudes to hang out and skate with.

Brian joins team riders Paul Rodriguez, PJ Ladd, Ryan Gallant, Danny Way, Colin McKay and Pat Duffy in the new Plan B Promo Film, Live After Death. The free promo DVD featuring the entire Plan B team will deliver to shops mid-September along with Wenning’s new Plan B pro models. Look for Wenning’s first Plan B ad in skateboard magazines this October.

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