Brick Harbor Team & Launch

Brick Harbor online skateshop launched today announcing its team of Gino Iannucci, Terry Kennedy, PJ Ladd, Stevie Williams, and Jack Curtin. Full press release below:

Brick Harbor Launches Operations; Website Devoted to Skateboarding for Skateboarders, by Skateboarders 


Brick Harbor, a progressive online skate shop created by skateboarders for skateboarders, launched its retail and lifestyle related website today at Under the wing of Boston-based, online fashion retail giant, Brick Harbor will showcase hard goods, footwear and apparel from exclusive, hard to find, international and emerging brands. Their vision, interactive approach, knowledgeable staff and exclusive brand selection differentiate them from the competition.

"While our goal is to appeal to customers that actually skate, our expert staff strives to provide the best customer service to aspiring skateboarders as well, creating a unique user experience that will leave customers impressed and eager to return," says Chase Whitaker, Brick Harbor's Director of Operations.

Whitaker also states that Brick Harbor will be the destination for skateboarding worldwide, "We will populate our site with everything that's important and relevant in skateboarding. At the same time, the site will be fully interactive, allowing customers to rate and review products, and make recommendations about brands they'd like to see us carry or content that we should spotlight."

Brick Harbor hopes to cultivate a productive and rich relationship with its customers by both hearing from and responding to their feedback and suggestions, and by serving as their trusted source of information about emerging companies and riders.

Brick Harbor is more than an online retailer; it's a lifestyle destination. Whitaker and team manager Nino Scalia have gathered some of the most popular and well-respected names in skateboarding for Brick Harbor's pro team, including young veterans like PJ Ladd, Terry Kennedy and Jack Curtin, and legends Stevie Williams and Gino Iannucci.  Riders will contribute original, exclusive content to the site's 'News' section, which will feature videos and original content, along with product reviews, contests and giveaways.