Bucky Lasek On Element

Element is pleased to announce the addition of the eight time X-Games medalist Bucky Lasek to the Element pro team. “Element is a sort of an awakening in my life that needed to be done and everyone I spoke to also agreed. Birdhouse, Hawk, and I still remain tight. The flag has been raised and I’m now Element for life. – Bucky Lasek. Bucky a native of Baltimore, Maryland was the first person to win two consecutive gold medals in vert at the X-Games in 1999 – 2000 and again in 2003-2004. “Bucky ‘s addition to the Element team is great, he brings something to Element that has been missing for quite some time. We look forward to working with Bucky and seeing him achieve everything he can dream up, – Ryan Kingman, Marketing Director of Element Skateboards. Bucky continues to be a leader in skateboarding and Element is proud to support him in his efforts to be #1 in skateboarding. “The time has come for skateboarding to support and preserve the vert community and we are committed in doing just that. Element represents the landscape of skateboarding and Bucky is a great addition to help complete our scenery.” — Johnny Schillereff, Founder and President of Element Skateboards.