Bucky Lasek Signs with Smith Sport Optics

Smith is proud to announce the addition of Bucky Lasek to the growing Smithskate squad.

It was in Baltimore, where Bucky (whose real name is Charles) first pickedup a skateboard at the age of 12 after his bike was stolen. And fifteenyears later he still has no reason to put it down.

Bucky is one of the world’s most consistent vert skateboarders, with acontest repertoire that includes more difficult tricks than any other skaterright now. Known for his smooth, fluid style, he placed in the top 10 atevery 1998 contest and won the 1999 Summer X Games Vert Competition.

Kicking off the new millennium with wins at the 2000 X-Trials in St.Petersberg, FL and the 2000 Tampa World Cup Pro Contest; Bucky will be atthe top of his game for years to come.

Bucky has his own action figure, signature trading cards, and will be aguest star on “The Jersey”, a Disney series. When he is not traveling theworld for contests and demos, Bucky relaxes with his wife, two children andfriends in Carlsbad, CA.