What began with a tight knit Mexican and American skate community on the Pacific Coast of Mexico is now an active movement and they’re making a dent one day at a time. Build Ramps Not Walls (BRNW) did a great job at searching for a positive response to the negative rhetoric between Mexico and the United States of America after the U.S.A. 2016 Presidential Elections and this video is proof. This diverse skate crew decided to come together and build a new ramp with the same construction materials that would be used to build the wall between Mexico and the U.S.A. In the process of the construction, they saw skaters from all walks of life come together, overcoming barriers of race, age, gender and economics, to achieve a common goal—to create the most unique DIY park in all of Mexico where Mexicans, Americans, all nationalities can come together and skate.

The full-length documentary is set to hit the US and Mexican skate film festival circuit in Fall/Winter, so keep your eyes peeled.

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