Fountain Valley, CA – 411VM Skateboarding issue 53 chronicles the progress of vert legend Bob Burnquist’s career. You won’t believe your eyes even after you witness how far Bob has personally taken skateboarding in such a short period of time. Bob naturally kills everything switch in this issue, including the issue 53 cover shot — taken on his backyard dream ramp. Bob is featured in a “Five spot, along with Nilton Neves and Rodrigo Teixeira, doing some of today’s most innovative, street inspired vert skating. Issue 53’s DVD-only bonus footage takes us back a short way on the calendar, but a huge distance in skating’s progression with Bob Burnquist’s first time ever skating on video!

Mike Vallely is featured in issue 53’s “Check Up. Mike’s definitely got a lot on his schedule skating, music, owning his own company — take a trip with 411VM to see what he’s up to. This issue’s “Rookie spot showcases the upcoming talent, Jake Nunn.

Issue 53 spends a lot of time in a van, covering road trips with the Circa and Billabong teams. Circa skaters Colt Cannon, Adrian Lopez, and John Rattray spend some quality time roaming around New Zealand. Billabong shows us a few of Australia’s concrete playgrounds with the likes of Chad Bartie, Daniel Haney, and Bucky Lasek.

No DVD? No bonus footage! Issue 53 on disk packs a little extra weight. You’ve got Bob’s first time ever in front of a camera, the Paulo Diaz switch ollie contest, and a little flat bar Friday “Spot Check. Last but not least — 411 Productions gets high tech with DVD tricks…in support of the Billabong “Road Trip, issue 53 has contains a photo gallery packed with highlights of the trip. Click around and see what you come up with!

411VM Skateboarding is available all over the globe! Issue 53 releases in skate shops ONLY on August 5th, 2002 !!!