If you want more info on Mike V.’s new board brand, and judging by yesterday’s comments, you do, the full press release came out today. It’s posted below.


Mike Vallely Announces the Creation of By The Sword Skateboards

Los Angeles, CA–July 13, 2010–Legendary professional skateboarder, Mike Vallely has created a new, independent skateboard company, By The Sword Skateboards. Vallely has partnered with artist and long-time skateboarder, Jason Filipow, who will serve as Creative Director for this start-up brand. The two have worked together on a number of projects in the past, but this is the first time Vallely and Filipow have combined their collective talents and passions for skateboarding.

Vallely states, “The DIY spirit that has driven me as a skateboarder and as a professional skater hasn’t always lined up through the years with the reality of who my sponsors happen to be. It’s always been something that has weighed heavily on my mind. My own independence in skateboarding has been crippled at times by the demands and whims of my sponsors. I’m just not interested in that game anymore. It’s simply time for me to put my money where my mouth is and to truly do my own thing.”

“Once I decided I had to do this brand, and that I had to do it independently, it was important for me to find the right artist and designer to help shape this vision. I had to look no further than Jason Filipow.”

“Through my years of knowing and working with Jason, he and I have really connected. In many ways, By The Sword is just an actualization of the conversations Jason and I have had about skateboarding and how much we love and value it. To us, skateboarding is still a sacred, ritual act. We want our products to speak of and represent these ideals.”

Filipow recalls, “When Mike appeared on the cover of Thrasher, I identified with him immediately. Here was a fellow East Coast kid, who was boldly pioneering his own type of skating; one that didn’t rely upon the inaccessible, and sometimes nonexistent, terrain of backyard ramps and pools. His skating thrived within the sprawling, suburban wasteland of shopping mall parking lots, curbs and walls so familiar to the skateboarders outside of California.”

As Creative Director, Filipow employs a variety of aesthetics and techniques to help bring the brand to life visually. The “DIY or DIE” deck is his first completely independent, and widely-distributed, skateboard design. He states, “Skateboard graphics are such a crucial ingredient to the act of skateboarding. They must possess that unique visual and visceral punch that gets you stoked and begs to be sessioned.”

“Working together with Mike to forge the foundation of By The Sword has been an amazing experience. Starting it completely on our own has been challenging, but the reward of retaining complete creative control makes it all worthwhile. We have the freedom to guide our brand and our products in any direction we wish. It’s that kind of freedom that really speaks to the spirit of skateboarding.”