C1RCA Footwear News

Mark has been busy in the months following his win as Transworld’s Street Skater of the Year in June. This is C1RCA’s second Skater of the Year award. Last month, Mark and teammate Peter Ramondetta took a 21 hour haul to South Africa where they did a solid week of C1RCA demos and autograph signings. Mark enjoyed it so much thathe decided to extend his stay even longer to enjoy the Dark Continent. This trip came after an extensive stay in Europe during contest season, where he also did the requisite Barcelona stay to get some filming done. Mark’s new shoe, the MA707, ships this month to skateshops around the globe.

Not quite as fortunate in the travel department, Adrian was on his way to meet up with Appleyard and Ramondetta on the C1RCA South African tour when he met the East Coast Blackout head on. Shortly after landing at JFK airport to get his connection, the power outage hit. After being stranded in 90 degree plus NYC for 3 days with no air conditioning, cell phone, lights and anything else that involvesa plug, Adrian finally made it home to good old S.D. Adrian is stoked on the overwhelming success of the AL202, which has all new colors in shops now. His new style, the AL50, is shipping in early Spring 2004.

Colt just returned from yet another tour with Element through Canada and is soon off to the West 49 Open in Ontario. Colt has been busy tearing up the hills around his new home in So Cal on his 50 and trying to avoid the law wherever his new mini shred takes him. Colt has moved down to So Cal full time and is definitely enjoying the change. This past summer, Colt placed 3rd at the Scandinavian Open in Copenhagen, Denmark and 7th in the Parkevent at the X Games.

After winning his gold at the XGames in Los Angeles for Best Trick and taking 5th in Street, Muska was roaming around the floor of the ASR Trade Show in San Diego doing on the spot interviews for the pilot of his new show which is aptly titled MuskaTV. The show will be on this Fall on the new Spike Channel, the first network targete towards men. Chad was also on The Tom Green Show where Tom asked Chad a myriad of questions about skateboarding, his album, and Chad’s background, and then Tom proceeded to huck himself off of a 20 foot tall scaffold into a giant airbag while Chad cheered him on. Check MTV for the reruns.

Chris has been spending some quality time at home in Pennsylvania after the massive Zero tour that went across North America this summer. He has been skating like a machine as always. He recently returned from the Skateboarder RV Tour where he had the opportunity to skate with a crew of guys he had never traveled with, always a unique experience. Chris will have all new footage on the soon to be released Zero DVD and is working on a Transworld interview that will drop this winter.

Peter toured a lot this past summer, all around the U.S and Canada for Real, and then onto South Africa with Appleyard for a round of C1RCA demos. Peter is currently in San Francisco filming and shooting everyday.

Rounding out a year of solid coverage for C1RCA, Caswell is working on a Transworld interview for this winter. Caswell recently switched his wood sponsor over to Enjoi and he has been featured in their most recent ads. He recently returned from Europe as well from the contest circuit and is filming daily.