California Senate Bill 994 Saves Your Park

Skateparks To Close Across California

That’s what headlines would have read if skateboarders did not come together to support California Senate Bill 994. Since the current liability bill (AB 1296) expires in January, skateparks everywhere – not just in California -could have closed without new legislation. Basically, other states look to California as a testing ground for new laws and legislation. If SB 994 was not introduced, or voted out, there’s a good possibility skateparks all across the U.S. could have closed as a result. Luckily, a South Orange County Senator named Bill Morrow helped push SB 994 through. Morrow strongly opposes frivolous lawsuits and created SB 994 as a way to protect cities from liability.

To Thank Bill Morrow for what he has contributed to skateboarding in California, and the rest of the entire United States, Etnies, Giant distribution and the Skateboard Coalition presented the Senator with symbols of their appreciation. Giant’s Paul Schmitt gave Morrow a signed SB 994 deck thanking him for his support, and Jim Gray of The Skatepark Coalition informed him of the goals of the organization. Then Etnies’ own Don Brown, Beau Brown and Brandi Lozano presented the senator with a one-of-a-kind, personalized bronzed skate-shoe. The shoe is quite heavy and would be difficult to lose, that way the senator won’t forget to renew SB 994 when it’s expiration date comes along in five years (Etnies was thinkin’ ahead on this one). Thankful of the appreciation, the senator offered his own personal stories about bombing hills skateboarding while growing up and thanked Etnies, Giant and the SPC for the support.

Whether you talked about it, wrote about it, emailed about it, or just rode your local skatepark every day, you, the skateboarders, refused to let shifty politics leave us without a place to skate. To all skateboarders: thank you. You are the ones that made SB 994 a reality. See ya at the park.