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CCS Members Help Out Tsunami Victims

When news of the tsunami tragedy broke, CCS enlisted some of skateboarding’s hottest pros to band together for a good cause.

Bam Margera, Tony Hawk, Andrew Reynolds, Jason Lee, Rodney Mullen, Rick Howard, Eric Koston, Tosh Townend, Danny Way, Keith Hufnagel and a ton more pro riders contributed autographed decks for an exclusive auction on Ebay. All proceeds went to Unicef South Asia Tsunami Relief Efforts.

CCS members showed up to the auctions in droves and gave in a big way. By auction’s end on Feb. 26th, the total tally came to an amazing $7,307.27 for 32 available items. The highest bid went to a Bam Margera-autographed Bam HIM Element deck for a whopping $660!

Thanks to the riders and sponsors for their contributions and effort, and thank you CCS Members for helping out so much!

Below is a full list of riders and sponsors who participated in the Autographed Decks for Tsunami Relief auction.

Bam Margera (Element)
Tony Hawk (Birdhouse)
Jamie Thomas (Zero)
Andrew Reynolds (Baker)
Mark Gonzalez (Krooked)
Jason Lee (Stereo)
Mike Vallely (Element)
Rodney Mullen (Almost)
Rick Howard (Girl)
Brian Anderson (Girl)
Eric Koston (Girl)
Tosh Townend (Element)
Adrian Lopez (Mystery)
The entire Flip Team
Stevie Williams (DGK)
Danny Way (Alien Workshop)
Daewon Song (Almost)
Cairo Foster (Popwar)
Jason Adams (Enjoi)
Chris Cole (Zero)
Keith Hufnagel (Real)
Ryan Smith (Mystery)

In other CCS news, Ryan Sheckler is the newest member of the CCS Skate Team.