TransWorld SKATEboarding Business June 2000
(Volume 11 Number 6)



Industry News
Danny Way conquers Planet X and Kris Markovich finds salvation at Foundation.

Shoe Company News
Vans clears the air about its new video game, and Andy Mac pitches for the Cleveland Indians.

Ten Shops, One Question
How has the skatepark boom affected sales in your shop?

Retailer Tips
Don’t clutter your display cases.

Skateboards On The Internet
Jeff Harbaugh finds you can get anything you want.

IASC Update
Jim Fitzpatrick discusses legalization of skateboarding.


Girl Distribution
Four friends form and foster a family business.

Girl/Chocolate Art Department
Art for art’s sake.

Skateboarding’s First Modern Truck
Tracker set the standard a quarter century ago.

Turning On A Dime
Truck makers hope to capture the market with the next big thing.

Controlling Distribution
The further it goes, the harder it gets.

Unclogging The System
Heidi Lemmon at SPAUSA helps remove obstacles facing public and private skateparks.

Temples Of Wood
Ramp builders evolve their craft.

Val Surf Boardshop
Skateboard retailer brings coastal culture inland.