Powell Skateboards welcomes Chad Bartie
When he was 12, the Bones Brigade skated his backyard mini ramp and stayed at his house in Australia. Yesterday, he became the newest skater on Powell.

"Chad’s skating has always been an inspiration to me growing up, I remember watching the New Deal video 7 year Glitch over and over thinking, ‘Damn, that bow-legged Aussie has so much board control.’ Haha. It wasn't until I finally met him that I realized he's the full professional package. He's super motivated, kind-spirited, generous, extremely humble and most importantly, genuinely loves skateboarding. You see a lot of pros fall off their game as they mature, but Chad's one of the few that has kept his skills progressing and is skating the best he ever has. So as a friend and now teammate, I'm beyond stoked to have him join up with the Powell family.”—Jordan Hoffart