Anaheim Prosecutors Drop All Charges Against Pro Skateboarder Mike Vallely Related to 11/19/09 Incident at Honda Center

Anaheim Assistant City Attorney Patrick Ahle today informed the lawyer for professional skateboarder Mike Vallely that the city attorney's office has dropped all charges related to an incident at the Honda Center on November 19, 2009.

In November, Vallely was cited for misdemeanor fighting in public at an Anaheim Ducks game. The incident occurred after Ducks captain Scott Niedermayer, in the course of the post-game "three stars" ceremony, attempted to give his hockey stick to Vallely's eight-year-old daughter. A nearby Ducks male fan wrestled the stick away, and refused to relinquish the stick after he was informed it was meant for Vallely's daughter. The ensuing confrontation between Vallely and the male fan was captured by television cameras and was widely distributed on YouTube and other websites.

"Patrick Ahle told me he reviewed all the materials and evidence related to the incident and was dropping all charges against Mike," said Vallely's attorney Allan Stokke of the Santa Ana firm Stokke and Riddet. "Mike and I appreciate the diligence of Mr. Ahle in searching for justice for Mike. Mike Vallely was merely defending his daughter last November from the egregious acts of a Ducks fan. I am strongly encouraging the Ducks organization to investigate why Mike, who was a loyal Ducks fan and longtime participant in Ducks promotions, was ever cited in the first place."

Said Mike Vallely: "I salute the Anaheim City Attorney's office for doing the right thing. Though I regret the uproar over the incident last November, I felt I had no choice but to stop the aggressive actions of the Ducks fan who was attempting to steal a gift from Scott Niedermayer for my daughter. Though I disagree with the official stance of the Ducks management over this incident, I want to thank all the Ducks players, employees, and fans who reached out to me and my family and expressed their support in the wake of this unfortunate incident."