Check Out – Fabian Gosin

Check Out—Fabian Gosin

Fabian Gosin

Age: 18

Home: Laguna Hills, California

Sponsors: Bones Wheels, Shorty's Hardware, Volcom, Active,, Powell (flow)

One night at eleven while making the drive home, my pocket rings up a storm of Mozart-ish simulated chime, and it's Fabian Gosin, the Laguna prankster!

“Let's go skate!” Those piercing words shoot into my ear.

“I've been skating all day, lemme drop Robert off first,” I mention.

“Immediately. As soon as possible,” he replies.

So, as we finish up our conversation about where he and his buddy Dusty plan to skate that night, my mind slowly drifts off into a nostalgic state, pondering questions that have baffled wise men around the world: “How can this guy always land on the craziest tricks imaginable?” And, “Why does he always seem to be having fun?” Not to mention, “What's the secret to keep any party going even when he's by himself?”

Coming back to reality, I glance over at Robert Lim. He looks back at me with a half smirk laugh and says, “I think if I hung out with that kid for a whole day, I'd want to punch him in the face.”–Mike “Filbot” Stanfield