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Chris Jones
Age: 23
Home: San Diego, California
Sponsors: Goodtimes, Hanger 18, Tracker
Chris lost the last two Check Outs I've written for him, so I'll do my best. Chris is six feet tall with lots of freckles. He's a Pisces, which means he's very sensitive. He enjoys long walks on the beach and karaoke. His favorite food is vegan chorizo from Pokez. Originally from Falls Church, Virginia, he now resides in San Diego. Chris would like to thank his friends and family for their support.-Ken Lewis

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Antonius “Toad” Dintcho
Age: 24
Home: San Francisco, California
Sponsors: Adrenalin, Venture, Vans, and Halos
Toad Dintcho was born in San Francisco and raised in Grass Valley, California. He now lives back in San Francisco. He's 24 years old and he's a jack of all trades, whether it's BMXing, snowboarding, or skating, Toad charges full-speed ahead. Toad has a unique style and a unique personality. He is currently sponsored by Adrenalin skateboards, Venture trucks, Vans shoes, and Halos bearings. He enjoys good food, good friends, and good spots to ride. Toad rips.-John Cardiel

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Colt Cannon
Age: 17
Home: Los Altos, California
Sponsors: Think, Venture, Skateworks, Circuit, DC flow,
Okay, I know what you're thinking, and no, he's not a porn star-he's so far from that. He's a seventeen-year-old skateboard lunatic. He puts a Skateworks sticker on top of his board in the same place on every deck he sets up. When you first see him, you think he's 22 or something. Nope, hang around him a while, you'll know he is indeed seventeen years old. Great style, consistency, all that garbage your normally hear. What else? Last week he tried to sell his watch to some street thugs for five bucks 'cause he was thirsty. Besides skating, he loves the Backstreet Boys and Ricky Martin. He's just like you.-Harry Clumski

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Pat Corcoran
Age: 16
Home: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sponsors: Alien Workshop
Lil' Pat doesn't fear much. I've seen him do a lot of gnarly stunts. Whether it's a huge set of stairs or a crazy rail, he'll step to it. Pat is a down-to-Earth kid and well-rounded skateboarder. He's always out skating and is progressing fast. You'll definitely be seeing more of him soon.-Bill Strohbek