He’s talented on a skateboard but it’s his creativity that helps him outshine the majority of the other skaters on the course. Chris “Cookie” Colbourn took first in the Dew Tour Am Street finals yesterday and did one of the sickest tricks of the contest so far, an obscure 50-50 that we doubt anyone else would’ve noticed—let alone try in their actual run. He was out there having fun and that makes everything more enjoyable, for both himself and the fans. When it was all said and done, Chris took first without argument. Congrats, Cookie! Well deserved.

Full Results:

1. Chris Colbourn: 85.33
2. Maurio McCoy: 83.66
3. Gustavo Ribeiro: 81.33
4. Maurice Jordan: 80.66
5. Henry Gartland: 75.33
6. Marcos Montoya: 75.00
7. Tyson Bowerbank: 74.66
8. Gabriel Fortunato: 73.66
9. Taylor McClung: 72.00

Zumiez Destroyer Award: Gustavo Ribeiro