Chris Cole has returned home to Fallen, one of his original footwear sponsors for which he was pro for eight years. During those years, Fallen Footwear produced multiple best-selling signature products with Cole's name including his first pro model shoe, "The Trooper" which was released in 2005. His second signature shoe "The Ripper" was released in 2007, and his third signature shoe "The Hi-Volt" was released in 2010. During that span, Fallen also released the "Cobra Hood" which became one of the best-selling apparel items of its time.

The future for Chris Cole and Fallen Footwear is bright, with the first step plans being to re-release some of his best-selling items and followed by creating new signature items.

“Fallen has always been the underdog, blue collar, working skater's brand. The spirit of all that Fallen did the first time around is the same spirit we want to continue to move forward with. Being a part of Fallen again makes me so happy, and I feel like the brand is a part of me. I'm proud to carry the Fallen Footwear torch once again.”—Chris Cole