Chris Cole On DC Apparel

As of April 30 2013, Chris Cole will be sponsored head to toe by DC apparel and footwear. On the DC team since 2011, Chris Cole's skateboarding speaks for itself.

"To have a head to toe sponsor with a signature line of shoes and also now apparel is really what every skater hopes for. I've always been very specific about what I skate in, so the fact that DC makes great products is why I am here. I work closely with the DC designers and they have a gift for creating the best shoes and apparel for my style of skating. Thanks to DC for making this happen and for all the support," said Chris Cole.

As part of his new sponsorship, Chris Cole and DC are also working together to develop a signature apparel line that is set to launch in mid Spring 2014. Designed to cater specifically to Cole's skateboarding needs, the collection will feature staple pieces including tops, bottoms, jackets, and accessories, all inspired by Cole's unique style and personality.