Christian Hosoi Nabbed With Drugs At Airport

According to the Honolulu Star Bulletin, Christian Hosoi, was arrestedat Honolulu Airport on Wednesday for carrying nearly 1 pound of crystalmethamphetamine.Hosoi, formerly of Lanikai and one of America’s top 10ranked professional skateboarders in the 1980s, was wearing a waist packcontaining the drugs when he walked off a flight from Los Angeles, accordingto a criminal complaint filed yesterday in U.S. District Court.

The amount recovered, two wrappedbundles weighing 690.5 grams, is consistent with distribution, according toa Drug Enforcement Administration task force detective.

Although Hosoi did not consent to a pat down, he was arrested after adrug-sniffing dog detected the scent of controlled substances from hiscarry-on bags and because of the way he was behaving.

He appeared nervous, was perspiring profusely and appeared very pale,according to the complaint.