Christian Hosoi Releases New Book

Christian Hosoi released is autobiography book today, HOSOI: My Life as a Skateboarder Junkie Inmate Pastor. Below is the official press release:
From the first and most enduring rock star of the skateboarding world, an unflinching tale of dramatic highs and desperate lows—on the board and off.

Raised at the legendary Marina Del Rey Skatepark—where his father was the manager and the Dogtown and Z-Boys crew were his mentors—Christian Hosoi never questioned that he would become a full-time skateboarder. He would become one of the world's top athletes during the 1980s, an icon ranked amongst the likes of Tony Hawk, Jay Adams, and Tony Alva. Known for his rock-star flair and celebrated as the best vertical and aerial skateboarder in the world, Christian was at the top of his game until a crippling drug addiction brought him crashing down.

Christian’s new self-titled book, HOSOI, chronicles the rise, fall, and return of a legend. From his early days of skateboarding celebrity to his time as an inmate to his resurgence on the skating scene, Christian's story is not only a tell-all about fame, fortune, and failure—it's also a testimony to the power of faith and the gift of change.

HOSOI will be available at book stores and online retailers by HarperOne Publishing on June 12. The compelling memoir will include interviews with skateboarding stars past and present, and over 100 pictures from professional skate photographers and Hosoi's own private collection.